25 things before 25

4 Nov

I’m sorry its been so long between posts – I don’t have any real/proper excuse, but I am going to try and be better now!

So, this post isn’t very foody, and is instead a little (actually a lot) self-indulgent. See I’m turning 25 in January (argh, that’s so old, quarter of century, mid-twenties, argh!), and inspired by Joy the Baker (as in fact most things I do are really), I’ve developed a list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. Some are serious (donate blood), some are silly (wear lipstick, make marshmallows), some are to challenge me to do things I’m bad at (make friends, buy things online, hug people), and many are food related. So anyway here it is, and I’ll try and semi-regularly update on how I’m doing. I actually started about 2 months ago, so I’ve already done a few things so I’ll put those in there too. And yes I know this whole thing is kinda lame – don’t judge me 🙂

Ok, list is:

1. Donate blood at least once

2. Make 2 new friends

3. Do 3 craft projects

– 1 Done! Mexican paper flowers with Snow White for Housewarming. Instructions here. Proof here:





4. Buy myself 4 dresses online

 – 1 Done.

5. Buy 5 pretty blog props

– 5 Done. Thank you country town op-shops/antique shops.



6. Read 6 non-fantasy books

– 1 Done. Gone Girl – Couldn’t put it down but thought the ending was 68% creepy and 32% lame.

7. Give presents to 7 people for no reason

– 2 Done. The ugliest/cutest kitten plate for Belle, and a squirrel doorstop for the Queen.

8. Plan 8 creative dates.

– This is mildly hard since Prince Charming is always off in exotic places, but in progress.

9. Buy 9 bunches of flowers

10. Write 10 letters

– Email me your address if you want one!

11. Learn 11 new words

12. Try 12 new foods

13. Bake 13 new things

– 5 or more done. Stay tuned for more details! Considering changing this to Bake 13 things from the Joy the Baker cookbook though because that seems to be how its happening…


14. Wear lipstick 14 times

– 5 Done. I gotta go out more.

15. Cut 15 cms off my hair

– 1st step done – dyed 15 cms of my hair pink. Next step chop it off.


16. Take photos at 16 pretty places in Sydney

– 3 Done. Marrickville.


Drummoyne on the harbour.




17. Go to 17 new restaurants, cafes or bars

– 7 or more Done.

18. Go swimming 18 times

– 1 Done. Need hotter weather!

19. Hug 19 different people

– Maybe 8 Done?

20. Make 20 marshmallows with Rapunzel.

21. Do 21 blog posts

– Well one done now!

22. Make 22 jars of something!

 – Considering vanilla extract or pickled veggies

23. Pick 23 pieces of fruit from a tree

24. Stay awake for 24 hours

25. Throw a party for 25 people

– Done! Spring-themed Housewarming.








Until next time,



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