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12 Apr

I hope you all had a lovely 4 day weekend filled with much chocolate and sleeping in! I know I did! Belle and I decided not to accompany the King and Queen down the south coast, and instead have a ‘holiday-at-home’. This basically involved staying at home, but pretending we were on holiday, and doing a lot of food-related activities!

On Friday, my princess friends Tiana and Ariel came over and we went on an outing to get Tsoureki! Ariel had discussed this with me earlier in the week, and decided it was an easter necessity to try it! It’s a greek traditional bread, normally braided and with a red hard boiled egg in the dough, traditionally eaten after the midnight mass on Easter Sunday (according to the wise internet). And plus it was meant to be super tasty!

Apologies for the big hole – we were too eager to eat it, we forgot to take a photo first ­čÖé

And tasty it was! Very like brioche it was a slightly sweet, soft and delicious! We bought ours from Hellenic Bakery, Marrickville (371 Illawarra Road, Open daily 5:30am-7pm), which the internet (so wise) had told me had some of the best tsoureki in Sydney. I haven’t got a lot to compare it to, but it was pretty great.

We also bought some other treats – Belle had a spinach and cheese triangle that was eaten well before thoughts of the camera entered our minds but was reportedly delicious, and we got some┬ákourabiethese (greek shortbread) – so buttery, so good! They also had some divine looking bougatsa (semolina custard and pastry slice) that has me planning my next trip back there.

And then Ariel – because she is incredible – made her own tsourekis and brought it round on Saturday. Oh goodness, so tasty and even better than the bought one!

And speaking of incredible Ariel. Hand-made ricotta. Thats right. She also did that. In about 10 minutes on Friday afternoon and produced this amazing looking and tasting afternoon tea out of no-where!

Belle and I also did some Easter baking, but of the slightly tacky and un-stylish variety (I feel like this kind of says something…haha). Belle made this incredibly decorated and tasty carrot cake (eh? get it? Cos easter bunnys eat carrots!), with green cream cheese frosting, green tinted coconut grass and oreo and marshmallow bunnies!

And not to be out-done on Easter spirit I made bunny bread! Unfortunately he was a lot cuter before he was cooked, after which he turned into a fat, flat bunny, that actually looked quite a lot like our fat cat Betty.

Happy Easter everyone!