Alice in Food-er-land!

15 Mar

Lucky I didn’t choose that as my blog name huh?

So, once upon a time there was a girl who’s name was Alice in Wonderland. She lived in the land of Australia, in the town of Leichhardt. She studied science, loved disney and most of all she loved shopping for, cooking and especially eating food! She had 3 beautiful cats, the loveliest dog in the whole realm and lived at home with her parents the King and Queen, and her sister Belle. She had her very own Prince Charming, who luckily also loved food!

So thats my disney story so far, hopefully there’s more of it to come, and I can share it with you in this blog! Basically this blog will be about all of my food adventures – things I cook, eat, buy and enjoy. I’m thinking now that I’ll try to keep it an adventure (or a quest if we want to disney-fy it) and try a new restaurant and a new recipe every week and try to write about it here. And there might be some other stuff too!

So to get started Belle and I visited ‘Meet Fresh: A Taste of Traditional Taiwanese dessert’ in Chinatown (13 Goulburn St, next to Mamak).

We had no idea what we were doing when we ordered – all of the menu items sounded delicious but we had no idea what they actually were! Belle ended up leaning across the counter and pointing at what one of the ladies working there was making, and saying “We’ll have that!”. Turns out it was Taro Balls Dessert 6. Of course!

It was a big bowl of shaved ice with pearls (just like you would get in bubble tea), noodle jellies (little squishy jelly noodle worms), jelly cake (quite firm jelly), and the taro balls (back left of the picture above), covered in a delicious syrup we think was a brown sugar syrup. It was delicious!!

The taro balls were definitely the highlight – they were a mix of orange and purple colours (perhaps the orange were sweet potato?), and had the texture of perfect gnocchi, and a quite subtle not too sweet but very tasty taste! So good! The bowl was quite large so seemed good value at $5.50, and it was the perfect refreshing dessert – with all the cool ice, and not too sweet toppings! Although Prince Charming would have hated it – he won’t eat anything with slug texture, and there was plenty of slug texture going on in this dish!

Belle suggested this video sums it up perfectly, ‘Slimy, yet satisfying!’

Next time we’ll have to try the pearls tofu pudding, or the signature herbal jelly! And they’re open till at least midnight every night – perhaps a midnight snack visit right now…

Love Alice


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